Vintage2Glam is my idea of reusing vintage goodies, and turning them into something Glam. I love taking vintage finds, and make them modern with wonderful colors and a vintage twist..... love to incorporate them into my own vintage inspired art an accessories. Pleased to say that my jewelry was worn my Ellen Burstyn in the movie "GRETA" starring Ellen and Hillary Duff filmed in historical town of Ocean Grove N.J.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sickle's Market Greehouses

You have got to check out Sickle's Market...they have the best stuff...from gourmet food, cheese's, bakery, deli, tea's, chocolates, gift shop, and will love this place...check out these orchids.....I was so busy  showing and selling my things that I didn't have a chance to shop....have to come back to shop...can't wait. check out these orchids......can't  decide what colors to get for our home......    

Artist's Day

Want to thank all my friends who came out to support me, it was so nice to see you all, sorry that I wasn't able to spend so much time with you all because I was so busy...I am not complaining cause that  is a good thing.....
Special thanks to Jane and Jennifer from Sickle's Market, they stopped by my table and loved my VINTAGE2GLAM collection and Sickle's will now be carrying some of my collection.....What a nice

Sickle's Market Artist's Day Feb. 20th 2011

Hello Haven't written in a while...Hope everyone is well.  Had a great day at Sickle's Market in Little Silver N.J.
It was Artist's Day in the greenhouse's and it was a great sunny day, couldn't have asked for a nicer day....
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