Vintage2Glam is my idea of reusing vintage goodies, and turning them into something Glam. I love taking vintage finds, and make them modern with wonderful colors and a vintage twist..... love to incorporate them into my own vintage inspired art an accessories. Pleased to say that my jewelry was worn my Ellen Burstyn in the movie "GRETA" starring Ellen and Hillary Duff filmed in historical town of Ocean Grove N.J.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Artisan Fair at The Art Alliance 2014

2nd annual Artisans Fair at The Art Alliance of Red Bank NJ.
The show is on again today from 12-5 so get out of the house and come meet with these talented artists.  The 100 square inch gallery show is also on and I must say the gallery looks amazing with all the tiny pieces of art.  This show is for artists to make small pieces of art so that they are affordable and great for holiday gifts.  So if you have a chance to get out of the house today stop by the gallery and you will so so happy you did.
Happy Holiday shopping!

 Here is what it looked like in the gallery
(sorry I didn't get a picture of every ones booth)

so you will have to stop by and check it out!


each time you purchase something from one of the talented Artisans you will be given a ticket for a chance to win this basket filled with gifts from each Artisan! What a great prize this is!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Teen Book Workshop Old Bridge Public Library

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to teach a workshop for the teens in our township at 
I was HAPPY that it was a full class and the teens came ready to create...

 I set up my samples

 I shared with the students how to fold and create interesting sculptures from the books.
Happy that the library had so many interesting books to share with us. Love teaching this class and recycling books into these interesting forms.

once I finished sharing the skills they needed, loved seeing the students getting creative.....

 now time to some show off what they created......


love that they follow directions so well and then take it and put their own spin on it to make their book art truly unique....

so glad I brought the pom poms.....

its amazing how quick some kids are and how creative they can be...

loved how a few pom poms made these books come to life.....

LOVE seeing HAPPY kids......

how awesome is this one????
Well I must say it was a great workshop and glad I got to share my Love of altering books with the kids from my town.  Hoping to have some more classes in the future.
Thanks for coming and creating beautiful book art kids.....

Mixed Media Card-Making Workshop

 I was so excited to teach today at the
 I was teaching a 
 I set up the room with help from my dear Mary, and displayed all my samples and all the tools needed to get creative in card making... 

  Once class started we all introduced ourselves and it's amazing how many people LOVE to get creative!!! Everyone had a different background and profession but all had the love to create, and were eager to LEARN!
  I shared as much information about all the tools that one can use in the
 craft of card making and then I love this part 
I let them go! and let get creative with the skills I just taught.

   they were busy as can be and very quiet....unlike my day job of teaching middle school art.ha ha ha!             

 here's what my talented students created......


Thanks to Beth Henderson from the library for contacting me on creating a workshop,
and thanks to all the talented ladies who took the class.
  I would love to see some of the cards you  created.  

Thanks for an very enjoyable day ladies.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

for the love of violets......

I have 2 violets in our home and I guess they are loving their spot......

they surprise me and keep  blooming away....

they are on a table with a lace curtain as the back drop

which must filter the light in the perfect way...

I tried for years to help this little one....the stem has grown so weird and way to the side of the pot.... it just couldn't be fixed....I even propped it up with a paper towel pillow to help hold it upright....I was about to dump it and said let's just see!!! and look at this....even though a bit on the weird  side it keeps on HAPPY I kept her cause she really is a BEAUTY!

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