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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mixed Media Card-Making Workshop

 I was so excited to teach today at the
 I was teaching a 
 I set up the room with help from my dear Mary, and displayed all my samples and all the tools needed to get creative in card making... 

  Once class started we all introduced ourselves and it's amazing how many people LOVE to get creative!!! Everyone had a different background and profession but all had the love to create, and were eager to LEARN!
  I shared as much information about all the tools that one can use in the
 craft of card making and then I love this part 
I let them go! and let get creative with the skills I just taught.

   they were busy as can be and very quiet....unlike my day job of teaching middle school art.ha ha ha!             

 here's what my talented students created......


Thanks to Beth Henderson from the library for contacting me on creating a workshop,
and thanks to all the talented ladies who took the class.
  I would love to see some of the cards you  created.  

Thanks for an very enjoyable day ladies.


  1. Some really gorgeous creations there, I would love to make cards!

    1. Thanks Holly......the ladies were great...and made some really nice cards......I wish you could come and take a class as well...we would have so much FUN! well someday maybe...that would be nice.....sososo


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