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Saturday, July 16, 2011

come spend a few hours creating art in the gardens in beautiful Ocean Grove this summer...

How would you like to spend the day creating art in the lovely gardens of the Centennial Cottage?

I will be teaching several Arts and Craft classes in Ocean Grove NJ this summer at the Centennial Cottage located at the corners of McClintock St. and Central Avenue.  Students 12 years  of age and up will enjoy learning a new craft in the lovely gardens under a sun tent from 10:30 till 1:00. In the event of rain classes will be held at the museum.  Classes are $15.00 plus a $5.00 kit fee.  For information or to register for classes, please call Susan at the museum at 732-774-1869.

We will transform recycled magazines into interesting bowls  or containers.
Please bring in a few of your favorite magazines  that you don't mind using to make an eye catching container. Students 12 years of age to adults are invited for a relaxing few hours of crafting  in the garden.(weather permitting)
$5.00 Kit fee.

Students 12 years of age to adult will enjoy the art of decoupaging their favorite glass container, and making fun and easy tissue paper flowers to fill their vases.  Students are to bring a  glass vase, glass bottles, or empty wine bottles that are cleaned and clear of any labels to decoupage.  I will supply the rest.  Come ready to create a lovely arrangement.
$5.00 Kit  fee.

Students 12 years of age  to adult will love to learn the art of Macramé.
Although sometimes referred to as 'Chinese knotting', the history of macramé dates back long before it was discovered in China. It is believed to have had originated in Arabia during the 13th century. When the Moors conquered Spain in 711 AD, they brought this art form with them. From Spain, it spread to other European countries. Sailors then picked up on the technique and kept it alive over the years. While out to sea, these sailors would knot thick twine into decorated pieces that could be sold or traded when they went ashore. Students will get to make several knotted jewelry pieces such as a bracelet, ankle bracelet, necklace or key ring.  If you have favorite beads, or shells with holes in them bring them to incorporate into your work.
$5.00 Kit fee.

Students 12 years of age to Adults are welcome to learn this fun and easy technique.  Learn how to fold and manipulate your books into interesting works of art. Once you learn some interesting folds I am sure you will be addicted.  We will also be making a wreath using old book pages and watercolor painting on them to create our own special wreath.  Students are asked to bring in a few old hard covered and paperback books that they do not mine altering into an interesting sculpture.
$5.00 kit fee.

Students 12 years of age to Adults are welcome to learn this fun and easy technique to make beautiful paper beads. Students will  learn to decorate, cut and roll paper into beautiful beads then use these beads to make interesting jewelry.  You will be amazed at how simple it is.  If you have interesting papers, magazines or maps feel free to bring them with you to experiment with, they make wonderful beads.
$5.00 Kit fee.  Teacher will have special beading tool available for sale.

These classes are great fun for children as well as adults.  We  have many woman that bring their friends that come and truly  have an enjoyable day.  After class there is so many wonderful restaurants and ice cream shops all within walking distance, and you can then sit on the beach for a few hours to make a full day of it.  Hope to see you in the gardens.
Laura McHugh Art teacher.

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