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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinwheels for Peace

my art students busy creating designs

for Pinwheels for Peace

students will express their feelings and concerns for peace

and express that through their art or poems on paper...... this one made me smile because you know how we all love cupcakes

students designed on both sides of the paper

then turned their work into pinwheels that will be planted in the ground

around our school along with millions of others throughout the world to celebrate International Day of Peace

On Sept 21st 2011 our pinwheels were placed around our school

to celebrate International Day of Peace

all of my art students made a pinwheel

some were placed outside and others were hung inside

Sept 21st 2011 Pinwheels for Peace for more information about this wonderful art installation check out the website.


  1. These are wonderful! Love the cupcake wars one. I agree!

  2. was so surprised to see that when we were talking about world peace and no war, but thought she's a girl after my own heart.....


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