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Thursday, January 1, 2015


First I want to wish everyone a Happy 2015 
and hope it is a year full of colorful healthy happiness 
for you and your family....

I came across an interesting little project today while on the internet 
and I felt it was an inspiring way to start off my new year.....
and maybe it would be something you  may want to do yourself or with your family.. 
It's call a Blessing Jar or a Gratitude Jar...You start on January 1st and every day or night you write what you are Thankful or Grateful for. On New Year Eve 2015 gather your family, open the jar and pour out all the little grateful notes full of memories to share with each other before the midnight!  
I LOVE jars...all shapes and sizes so this project was perfect for me....

here she is the big jar with the pink top...

all I need to do is empty her, clean her up a bit, decorate and she will be the jar our family will use every day for a year....

Gratitude Jar Ingredients
*jar or container
*things to decorate your jar
*paper for writing your gratitude notes on
*pen or pencil

You will see that it is the little things that make life wonderful! 

OK I am off to decorate our JAR!

I would LOVE to see what kind of Gratitude Jar you make with your family.....


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