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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"SEWN" an online class

I am taking this very inspiring on line class with
Mary Ann Moss from  Dispatch from LA.

I am really enjoying this class because it incorporates all the things I love to do, draw, paint,
make patterns and sew..

the class started July 4th and I can't stop thinking of all the pretty  patterns I want to paint.....
Even before the class started, I watched the  little preview video and I had to start painting.....  
we are to paint patterns and more patterns....

well that is what I did......

reminds me of the days when I was a textile designer working in NYC....

once I start I don't want to stop.....its very addicting......

grab your favorite paints, inks or watercolors

make your patterns

and SEW  away............
finally done!!!!!I LOVE IT....with the cover that is...much more to go...

I added some vintage trim of course and some sparkle pom poms I have

added some of the painted pages to the inside pages as well.....

now to fill my book with patterns.......

Thank you Mary Ann for this creative class...
I am so enjoying it......
not getting anything done around the house...
but having a grand time.....just what I needed.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Holly...I love painting and can paint all day...having fun with this class........

  2. Your papers are wonderful. Your book cover is fantastic. Just gorgeous.

  3. Good Morning Nancy Lynn, that's my sisters name.......I love painting and making patterns and having so much fun with his class.....are you also in the class? I have to see your work...
    have a nice day and thanks for the sweet words.

  4. holy bat sh** i want to say a string of cuss words so so so so bad right now. but i'm gonna behave. that cover excites and delights me. v.v.v. much. laura ya done good!

    1. Mary Ann...u crack me up........I have been painting non stop.which i LOVE! so thanks to you I am getting nothing else done....around my house....but who cares enjoying myself......thanks again for the inspiration... YOU ROCK!

  5. I adore the vintage trim!!!! Fabulous journal!

    1. had a huge spool of it and it was the perfect! had to use it...thanks for the sweet words......

  6. Love your amazing patterns!!!

    1. Thanks Mary, want to check out yours too!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! LOVE your patterns!!! great inspiration!! Will check back often for inspiration:):)- Sandie ps. thanks for your visit...hope you come again:):)

    1. Thanks Sandra......loved your work as well....enjoy the day!


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